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Few companies today are capable of complying with producer responsibility legislation single-handedly. Our offer is therefore quite simple – the only thing you have to do is become our client, we will take care of the rest.

What is producer responsibility?

By law, companies that produce products with packaging are responsible for their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle – from production to disposal. This entails ensuring that their products are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and financing the collection and recycling of their products. This is called producer responsibility. Fulfilling producer responsibility is crucial.

Who has a producer responsibility?

Companies that sell packaged goods in Sweden and those that specialize in selling packaging and packaging materials, have a producer responsibility.

Manage producer responsibility through effective administration with TMR

Our nationwide system for near-household collection (FNI), collection points and recycling let us contribute to your customers and all households in the country being able to always leave their packaging for recycling in a location close to where they live. In addition, we manage all administration linked to your producer responsibility, such as reporting to concerned authorities and consultation with municipalities.

We offer tailor-made agreements

We are a privately own company, independent of industry and raw material interests. This means that we can draw up agreements based on your requirements, always individually priced.

TMR is your partner, not supplier

As laws, regulations, consumers and the general opinion put increasingly higher demands on companies to make sustainable choices, you need more than just a supplier: you need a partner. Through us, you will obtain important knowledge about innovation, smart design and new packaging material. This is knowledge that not only contributes to a circular economy, but also makes you more attractive on the market and enables greater profitability.

Sustainability through innovative solutions

To be able to create a more sustainable society, we must always dare to challenge the expected. An important part of our work is to look for new innovative methods to give recycled material new life. For this reason, we have built a production line in Ängelholm, Sweden, under the name of Omni Polymers. Using the latest technology, we are now able to recycle complex flexible plastic packaging which has previously mainly been incinerated. The households’ sorted plastic packaging are converted into high-quality granule. A venture for the future.

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