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In our nationwide system for collection and recycling, your packaging is reborn. Through tailor-made pricing, personal counselling and smart innovations, we take care of everything regarding your company’s producer responsibility – and together we contribute to a more sustainable community.

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Tailor-made terms

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This is how we work

Since 2005, we have taken on the responsibility for our clients’ fulfilment of every aspect of their producer responsibility. This means that we work every day to collect and recycle as much packaging as possible in Sweden. We ensure that glass, paper, metal and plastic are handled correctly – and given a new life. And the results are great!

This is TMR

Few companies today are capable of fulfilling the requirements of the law regarding producer responsibility on their own. Thus, our offer is simple: the only thing you have to do is become our client – we take care of the rest.

We take care of everything

With a nationwide system for collection and recycling, we contribute to enabling your clients and all households in the country to always leave packaging for recycling in the vicinity of their homes. In addition, we will of course manage all administration linked to your producer responsibility, such as reporting to concerned authorities and consultation with municipalities.

Tailor-made agreements

We are a privately owned company and independent of industry and raw material interests. This means that we can sign agreements based on your needs – and always with individual pricing.

Partner, not supplier

As laws, regulations, consumers and the general opinion put increasingly high demands on companies making sustainable choices, you need more than just a supplier: you need a partner. Through us, you will acquire important knowledge about innovation, smart design and new packaging material. Knowledge that not only contributes to a circular economy, but also makes you more attractive on the market and enables increased profitability.


To be able to create a more sustainable society, we must always dare to challenge the expected. Finding new innovative ways to give new life to recycled material is an important part of our work. An example of such an initiative is our cooperation with Plaståtervinning i Wermland, where we develop sleepers made of composite from recycled plastic packaging. The sleepers are used when building railways. An investment for the future.

Frequently asked questions about collection

How is collection, handling and recycling of your packaging managed? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How do you collect packaging?

We are present in the whole of Sweden to provide collection for households as well as businesses. Currently however, we are in the middle of the greatest technology shift with regard to collection methods ever brought about in Sweden since sorting of packaging was introduced. The old recycling stations that have dominated collection since 1995 are being replaced with the introduction of home collection for everybody. Read more about sorting and collecting at www.sopor.nu.

How do you sort packaging?

In Sweden, sorting of packaging is almost fully automated but differs a lot depending on the type of packaging. For example, light scanners and compressed air are used to separate different types of plastic while robots are taking over paper sorting.

Is it really possible to recycle all collected packaging?

Today, this is unfortunately not possible. The most challenging material to handle today is plastic packaging. But with smart thinking it is possible to come up with solutions. That is why we are currently working quite intensely with what we call Design for recycling. This is a concept aiming to assist our clients in designing their packaging in a way more compatible with traditional sorting so that they in fact will be recyclable. We can help you develop a complete strategy for all packaging design but also recommend the best choice of material for specific packaging.

In parallel, we work hard to develop methods to ensure that we can recycle more of the packaging that cannot be recycled today, packaging yet required to protect the goods. What may not be common knowledge is that 90% or more of an article’s climatic influence can be derived from production and only 10% from packaging. Thus, packaging does a great job for the environment when it protects our goods. Now let us just see to it that it is recyclable.

How do you make sure packaging is collected correctly?

Ever since the beginning of our operations, we have focused on collaboration with municipalities wanting to organize themselves in order to create the most efficient collection system. Through household collection and sorting at home, we will receive a significantly greater amount of packaging than via recycling stations. These collaborations have provided us access to the most efficient systems in Sweden. In addition, continuous development is in process regarding alternative fuels, for example electricity. Streamlining transport through advanced route planning is also a very important part in the support of an efficient collection system. This has been successfully implemented by our partner NSR in the northwest of the Skåne region in Sweden. We are very happy about being a part of this rewarding initiative.

New investigation about changed regulations regarding collection responsibility from 2023 – how does TMR work?

We are a team of 10 people working with the future. We are part of the investigation together with the Ministry of the Environment, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Waste Management Association and more. The investigation will go on during the major part of 2021. We are already today having discussions with Sweden’s municipalities about the future collection system and we plan for more collection while securing already existing collaborations. When the decision about collection responsibility is taken, TMR will be well prepared.

Keep a check on producer responsibility

All companies selling packaged goods in Sweden, including those specialized in selling packaging and packaging material, fall within the law regarding producer responsibility. How the law and regulations actually apply in practice may be difficult to understand. This is where we straighten things out and show how we work to get your packaging into the circular system.

The law in short: The ordinance regarding producer responsibility for packaging applies in Sweden since 1994. The purpose of the law is to ensure that we use as little packaging as possible, that any packaging that still has to be used can be reused and that packaging that cannot be reused is collected and recycled. Companies who are obliged to fulfil the requirements of the law are called Producers of waste – or just Producers. Producers include companies who themselves have packaged goods or brought prepackaged goods to Sweden to put up for sale on the Swedish market. Also companies specialized in selling their own manufactured or imported packaging are Producers according to the packaging ordinance. Read more on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

The circular economy

Today, the concept of the circular economy is more important than ever. There is an increased consciousness, which has resulted in significant changes of attitude with consumers and the general public. In addition, companies are increasingly engaged in designing their products and packaging from the very beginning with the purpose to be able to recycle as much material as possible or, even better, make it reusable. This is a development that we welcome, as we have always been working according to the vision – towards a circular future.

1. Design:

Companies distribute packaged goods on the Swedish market. TMR assists the client with recycling design in order to close the loop.

2. Consumption:

The consumer uses the product and leaves the packaging for recycling. TMR will inspire and motivate everybody to leave as  much packaging for collection as possible.

3. Collection:

We are responsible for collecting packaging made of paper, metal, plastic and glass, left for recycling. We are currently working intensely with developing the best collection system in the world, where everybody will soon have their packaging collected at home.

4. Handling:

We sort and handle all packaging we have collected throughout the country.

5. Conversion:

Through existing technology and new efficient processes we ensure conversion of as much packaging as possible into new raw material.

6. Reuse:

Reuse of raw material into new packaging is our vision. And we have come a long way. Closing the loop is a giant challenge for many types of packaging. But it can be done, we’ll never give up. Meanwhile we continue our indefatigable work to recycle as much as possible into new products – that’s not a bad thing either.