Common symbol system for packaging in the Nordic countries

The objective is to increase the share of correctly sorted waste.

TMR welcomes the new common symbol system

As of this summer, there is a new common symbol system to simplify sorting of packaging and other waste. The system that was launched on the 1st of July has been developed by the municipalities’ common organization for waste issues – the Swedish Waste Management Association – and their equivalents in the Nordic countries. TMR has participated in the work as member of a reference group together with other stakeholders.

About the new system

The basis of the new system originates from Denmark, where a voluntary pictogram system was successfully launched in 2017. This system, with some modifications, is now launched in the rest of the Nordic countries. Norway and Iceland are already up and running and now the system will be implemented in Sweden as well.

The purpose of a common symbol system is to increase recognition and, as a consequence, achieve better sorting of waste material. This benefits all, regardless of whether you are a producer, a consumer or elsewhere along the chain. At TMR, we consider a Nordic system with coordinated marking a significant step forward! It is gratifying that so many of our customers who have wished for image-based sorting directions on their packaging will now have a solution that could work for the whole of the Nordic market.

The system, which is voluntary and free to use, is designed to work in all the relevant places, such as packaging, residential sorting bins, recycling stations or centrals. The new common system will result in some new background colors as well as symbols – but only plastic packaging will change colors entirely, from traditional orange to purple. We are convinced that the clearly illustrated pictograms will make sorting easier.

Would you like more information about the symbol system, get access to high-resolution versions of the symbols or the associated user manual? Get in touch and we will help you!

You can find more information here, on the Swedish Waste Management Association’s website.