Developing new technologies for a sustainable society

Technological developments in recycling involve increasing the proportion of collected packaging that can be recycled and given a new life. As of January 1, 2024, Sweden’s municipalities took over the collection responsibility from producer responsibility organizations like TMR to increase the collection of household packaging – but what is the benefit if we don’t develop new recycling technologies at the same time?

In recent years, the focus in our industry has been on plastic as an environmental villain, but plastic does an important job, including protecting our food. One of the challenges is that with current technology we can only recycle a small proportion of the plastic packaging collected. To achieve a more sustainable society, we must therefore find new ways to contribute to the circular economy.

For us at TMR, this means that we work with the goal that 100% of all collected plastic packaging can be used as a raw material for new products or packaging. If the market does not offer good enough solutions, then we simply have to develop them ourselves.

New impetus for material recycling in Sweden

In Ängelholm, Omni Polymers produces a high-quality raw material in the form of a homogeneous polyolefin granulate made from flexible plastic packaging from Swedish households. Using the latest technology, Omni Polymers, a supplier to TMR, is able to recycle complex plastic packaging that would otherwise be incinerated.

It is now focusing on refining and broadening its offer to consumer packaging manufacturers. Omni Polymers plans to introduce these granules to the market:

– Omni Polymers PCR HDPE
– Omni Polymers PCR PP
– Omni Polymers PCR PP, film quality

Recycling plays an important role in recovering raw materials and saving energy for a more sustainable society.

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