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Collection & Recycling rate

Since 2005, TMR has been responsible for ensuring that our customers fulfill their producer responsibility. We work every day to recycle as much packaging as possible in Sweden.

As of 1 January 2024, municipalities took over the collection responsibility from producer responsibility organizations (PRO) such as TMR. This means that TMR’s collection activities towards Swedish households have ceased.

Below you can see the collection and recycling results for 2022.

TMR’s collection rate
household packaging in 2022


Paper packaging


Plastic packaging


Metal packaging

The collection rate is a measure of our own collection performance, calculated by the amount of household packaging put on the market by our producer customers compared to the volume collected from households before sorting.

TMR’s recycling rate
household packaging in 2022


Paper packaging


Plastic packaging


Metal packaging

The recycling rate is the official target by the regulation. It is calculated nationally by comparing the amount of packaging put on the market by Swedish producers with the amount of collected packaging that has become new products. The recycling rate is also the European measurement of Member States’ compliance with packaging recycling targets. For our part, we compile the amount of packaging collected by us that has become new products and report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency annually in arrears. The authority then calculates the national results.


What happens to what TMR recycles?

All the plastic packaging that is collect from Swedish households goes to automated sorting in Sweden. The plastics that cannot be recycled are used for energy recovery in Sweden.

All the paper packaging that is collect from Swedish households is recycled at paper mills in Sweden and Northern Europe.

All metal packaging goes for sorting in the Nordic region.