Our vision

TMR contributes to a circular economy by being the partner of choice in the Nordic region for all companies with producer responsibility.

Mission & Promises

TMR is a producer responsibility organization that works every day to simplify and improve the collection and recycling of packaging of all material types in the Nordic region. We are the partner of choice for our customers, helping them with all aspects of their producer responsibility(link), including administration, reporting and developing more easily recycled packaging.

TMR manages all aspects of producer responsibility with tailored conditions and smart innovations. We work with our customers to prevent the generation of packaging waste and reduce litter through smart packaging design.

Core values

The Packaging Regulation

As a producer
organization of responsibilities

  • Owner: Carl Lundqvist
  • The Packaging Regulation prohibits approved producer responsibility organizations from distributing profits. As TMR is an approved producer responsibility organization, it operates on a non-profit basis.
  • Packaging fees are levied per kilogram of packaging material placed on the market.
  • TMR selects transport providers to minimize the carbon footprint. TMR selects recycling facilities to maximize the proportion of recycled packaging material.
  • TMR contributes to the recycling targets partly by steering towards more recyclable packaging material and partly by using efficient recycling methods for each type of packaging.
  • TMR contributes to litter reduction targets by influencing the design of packaging and by working with organizations to collect litter in nature.

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Our journey

TMR is a producer responsibility organization founded in 2005, at a time when there was only one national collection system for packaging in Sweden. Producer responsibility was perceived as complicated, the conditions were difficult to influence and the administration was burdensome. Virtually all producers had a standard contract and there was no influence on the design of the contract or how packaging was handled.

It is with this insight that we have been helping our customers with all aspects of producer responsibility since the beginning. From contracts tailored to customers’ needs and personalized customer service to innovative recycling that gives packaging a new life.

The statutory producer responsibility places increasing demands on those who place packaging on the Swedish market. At the same time, businesses have become more ambitious. More and more people want to take a leadership role in the transition. We manage the high sustainability ambitions of the producers who hire us. Customers with their unique conditions and wishes challenge and inspire us.

Developments in legislation and technology affect both us and our customers. TMR continues to develop and find new solutions to close the loop, always with the customer in mind.


TMR’s sustainability work takes place on several fronts, including climate, circularity, traceability, innovation and social sustainability. We are working in the short term to adapt circular solutions to today’s reality and in the long term to support the industry’s transition.

Our sustainability report includes disclosures to enhance customers and partners’ understanding of the Group’s sustainability performance in 2022.

Sustainability report 2022