As part of TMR’s drive to ensure that packaging can become new packaging when recycled, TMR is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fortum in Finland. As a producer responsibility organization, TMR is constantly working to find and collaborate with leading industry players to improve recycling.

Increasing the recycling of plastic packaging also requires improved post-sorting. In this respect, Fortum has become a key partner in TMR’s efforts to expand its network of sorting providers, with a focus on efficiently sorting out LDPE packaging, among other things. These will then be passed on to TMR’s recycling supplier, Omni Polymers, enabling it to offer the packaging industry, and in particular TMR’s producer customers, high-quality recycled plastic raw material for their future packaging.

The collaboration means a double improvement in that collected plastic packaging has both shorter transportation distances and a higher recycling rate. During the spring, TMR has successfully tested deliveries of packaging to Fortum. In the fall, TMR plans to conduct a tender for sorting services for 2025.

– Our goal is simple, one package becomes a new packaging,” says Jan Troell, CEO of TMR.

You can read more about the collaboration in an interview with Josef Tapper, CEO of Omni Polymers. Follow the link here!