Our materiality analysis takes into account ecological, social and economic aspects that affect us and our stakeholders. It provides a structure for our sustainability work and how we prioritize our future development.

Structure for stakeholder dialogue

TMR has a long history of active business intelligence and ongoing stakeholder dialogue to develop and ensure the right focus for the business. Working closely with our stakeholders and actively engaging them in our processes makes our sustainability work more relevant, effective and in line with their needs and expectations.

In 2023, structured stakeholder dialogues were conducted as part of our materiality analysis. The results, in combination with TMR’s own analysis of impact opportunities, are an important part of the prioritization of our efforts and how we report on our sustainability work.

Five priority focus areas

The materiality analysis has resulted in five priority focus areas for TMR’s sustainability work. The focus areas provide the structure for TMR’s objectives, strategies and reporting on sustainability progress.

TMR’s five priority focus areas linked to the SDGs

  1. Circularity and traceability
    TMR will promote the transition to a circular economy and work towards full traceability in the value chain.

  2. Climate impact
    TMR will minimize the climate impact of its own operations and create climate benefits for customers by replacing virgin materials.

  3. Business ethics, environmental laws and anti-corruption.
    TMR will ensure that the highest standards of business ethics, anti-corruption and good business practice are followed. The work should be transparent.
  4. Working environment and social conditions
    TMR should create a healthy and safe working environment and maintain a culture of inclusion and respect in the workplace.
  5. Sustainable industry, innovation and customer satisfaction
    TMR will constantly evolve by investing in innovation and technology that supports better recycling.

Read our sustainability report in Swedish here or in English here.