TMR:s goal:

  • No incidents of corruption, non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations, or ethical violations within our operations or suppliers.

  • Maintain good dialog with suppliers and ensure full compliance with the TMR Code of Conduct and agreements.

Good business ethics aims to ensure that TMR’s activities are conducted in a clear and transparent manner in accordance with applicable laws and conventions. We set clear requirements for suppliers and promote competition in our industry.

TMR’s activities should be conducted in a way that promotes sustainable and responsible development. Most goods and services, such as transportation and sorting, are purchased from other operators. Ecological and social responsibility therefore requires us to review our activities.

We work with both suppliers and customers to drive progress towards our vision of a circular future. Part of this is to ensure that the goods and services purchased are produced under sustainable and responsible conditions. TMR’s code of conduct sets out clear requirements for suppliers in the areas of environment, anti-corruption and human rights.

TMR has long applied differentiated packaging fees for producers based on recyclability. Incentives for recyclability and blending of recycled materials are driving the shift to more circular packaging and increased use of renewable and recycled raw materials.

TMR is independent of industry and commodity interests and is supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our activities are based on the provisions of statutory producer responsibility. Other relevant regulations are the Environmental Code, the Waste Ordinance and the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations.

TMR believes that competition benefits everyone in our industry, not least the producers who depend on the effective fulfillment of their producer responsibilities. Competition drives technology development, promotes investment and increases resource efficiency. We work actively to counteract monopolistic and cartel behavior in our efforts to promote a healthy market.

Read our sustainability report in Swedish here or in English here.