As of January 1, municipalities took over the responsibility for packaging collection, marking a new chapter in producer responsibility for packaging. This is now:

  • Municipalities are responsible for the collection of packaging waste from households and businesses that have waste management co-located with households.
  • The municipalities receive compensation from the producers, through producer responsibility organizations (PRO), as decided by Natuvårdsverket (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency).
  • The municipalities transport the packaging to a collection point. There, producers, through PROs such as TMR, take over for transportation and recycling.
  • Producers of single-use plastic products pay a littering fee to Naturvårdsverket (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency).

What’s next?

  • On January 1, 2026, municipalities must collect packaging waste in popular public places (squares and parks).
  • By January 1, 2027, municipalities must have introduced kerbside collection of packaging waste from households.

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